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    This Hand held EOBD and CAN code reader is a little wonder tool.   It's an ideal tool for the concerned workshop diagnostician as mush as for the DIY enthusiast.

  It connects to all vehicles equipped with the OBDII standard 16pin socket as long as the vehicle is OBDII / EOBD / CAN enabled. It reads and erases the DTC's, show's live engine data and ecu's "monitors" status. Really simple and fast to operate with only 5 buttons for navigation and it has an build in rechargeable L/Ion battery.

With a price tag of a quality multi-meter, this EOBD Code reader and Live Data Scanner is a must.


READ DTCs (01/07)

Selecting this function allows the Scan Tool to read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) from the vehicle control modules. DTC's are used to help quickly determine the cause of a problem or problems within a vehicle. These codes cause the control module (ECU) to illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) when emission-related or drivability fault occurs. MIL is also known as 'Service Engine Soon' or 'Check Engine' or 'Visit Workshop' lamp.

ERASE DTCs (02/07)
The ERASE DTCs function clears the DTC's and reset all the I/M Readiness Monitor Status to a NOT-RUN flashing condition. To set all of the Monitors to a DONE status, an OBDII Drive Cycle must be performed. Please refer to the vehicle service manual for information on how to perform an OBDII Drive Cycle for the vehicle under test. This usually involves driving the vehicle under certain conditions in order for the ECU's to 'relearn' the driving cycle.

LIVE DATA (03/07)
The Live Data function allows Real Time Viewing of the vehicles computer module PID data. As the computer monitors the vehicle, information is simultaneously transmitted to the scan tool. In this mode, one can see all engine parameters as engine temperature, advance, engine speed, throttle position etc. etc.

When an emission-related fault has occurred, certain vehicle data is recorded by the on-board computer. This information is referred to as Freeze Frame data.  FREEZE FRAME is a snapshot of the operating conditions of the engine at the time when the emission-related fault had occurred.

MIL STATUS (05/07)
When the vehicle on board computer detects a problem in the emission related systems or components, it's diagnostic program will assign a fault code (DTC) and store it in its memory. It also records a Freeze Frame of the conditions present when the fault was found and set the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) alight. Some faults require detection for two trips in a row before the MIL is turned on. This mode is used to check the status of the MIL light, whether it had been set on or off in case the MIL on the dashboard had malfunctioned.

The I/M Readiness (Inspection / Maintenance Readiness) function is used to view a snapshot of the operations on the emission system monitors in OBD II equipped vehicles. The vehicle ECU constantly monitors it's dependant  systems and if one of them can not complete a full check it might set a DTC. i.e. the engine temperature should complete a full circle from cold to hot in order for the relevant I/M to be considered as 'complete'.

This function allows the Scan Tool to request the vehicle information (VIN), calibration ID(s) which identifies software version in vehicle control module(s), and calibration verification numbers (CVN(s).)

Key Features:

 -  Supports all OBDII / EOBD protocols including ISO 9141-2, J1850-PWM, J1850-VPW, KWP2000 (ISO 14230-4) and CAN (ISO 15765-4).

 -  It's database consists of more than 7,000 generic OBDII / EOBD codes such as Powertrain(P0, P2 and P34), Body (BO), Chassis (C0) and Network (U0).

 -  It even has most common manufacturer's specific DTC's, it has more than 10,000 codes ( P1, P30, B1, B2, C1, C2, U1 & U2) in it's database.

 -  It reads and erases DTCs, displays Live data, Freeze Frame (FF), MIL Status, I/M Readiness, Vehicle Information (VIN).

 -  It automatically saves the last tested vehicle's results for later reviewing without having to scan again.

 -  Built-in rechargeable battery - doesn't need external power for viewing saved codes. The battery charger is supplied.

For more information about EOBD, OBDII and CAN look in our Tech Things To Know section.


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