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Main Features:
    This 12 Volt Intelligent Battery Analyzer uses a unique electrical measurement called 'conductivity method' that determines the ability of a battery to transmit current through its internal structure.

    As such, it gives a direct relationship to battery power. Internal conductive battery components include battery grids, active material and connectors that conduct electric current as well as sulfuric acid electrolyte that conduct ionic current between and within the plates and plate separators.

     Conductivity is measured by probing the battery with a small AC current ripple that generates a small AC voltage response. And is the relative ratio of the variation in current with the variation in voltage.

    By using this method to test and analyze the conditions of the 12V battery means the battery can be tested and analyzed  whether it is on or off the vehicle. This means you don't need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle.


     For quick and convenient way of checking the condition of the vehicle power systems, this Battery System Analyzer is designed to perform the following guided tasks:

1. Battery Test
    Analyses the battery condition using the latest battery testing methods without the need of fully charging it before test. The unit consumes very little current during testing hence the test can be repeated numerous times without worry of further draining the battery and the results are highly accurate. 
Extremely safe as it does not create any sparks during clamp on and it takes less than 5 seconds to obtain the full analyzed results of the tested battery. 
a. Test results of battery condition : Good or Replace
 b. Battery state of charge: Digital display in Volts.
 c. Key in actual battery rating (CCA or SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS) before test for better accuracy.
 d. Battery cell resistance measurement :  Display in m ohm
 e. Battery Life Expectancy: Display in percentage (%).

2. Grounding Test (Earth Lead Test)
    Analyses the condition of the engine / body grounding contact (earth lead) to the battery terminal. The results will be displayed on screen after the test.


3. Starter Test
This Test checks the ability of the battery to supply High Current under engine cracking conditions to predict when the battery will fail to crank a vehicle basing on voltage profiles entered. The results will be displayed on screen after the test.


4. Alternator Test
This Test checks the Alternator charging ability during load at 2,000 RPM and without load at 3,000 RPM with results displayed on screen after each test.


   The Battery System Analyzer is maintenance free and no internal batteries are required. It powers up when connected to the battery terminals during testing.

    The operation is fast and simple. When hooked up to the battery terminals, the displayed instructions on the screen will lead you through the correct test steps and a warning tone will caution you if something is wrong.

    The results are consistent and repeatable and can be performed numerous times without heating up the unit. 

    After the test, the results will be stored in its memory and can be reviewed again later and printed if connected to a PC with USB connection. Printing is as easy as is operating the unit itself. Test results can be saved on the PC for later reference as well.


1. Intelligent > It detects and removes surface charge if any, before proceeding to perform tests for better results. 
2. Accurate > Consistent and accurate test results 
3. Fast > It takes less than 5 seconds to obtain not only the values but result summary 
4. Direct > Testing is done on the battery whether it is on or off the vehicle. Also able to test discharged or weak batteries. 
5. Safe > It does not create spark during clamping or wrong connection to the battery while performing tests. 
6. Maintenance Free > No internal batteries required. It powers up when connected to the battery posts during testing. And it never discharges or drain the battery.

7. Easy to Use > In the event that you need assistance, the "HELP" key will display information about each function when selected.

8. Smart > The Battery Electrical System Analyser also has a built-in memory to store the last tested results for later viewing.

9. Printing > It can be connected to any PC using USB cable for printing the test results, your company and customer names etc. etc.

10. Educational > Supplied with full Operating Manual and a lot of Battery and Testing information on CD-ROM.


Product Specification:

Operating Voltage:              

  9V ~ 15V (max)

Analyzing Capacity: (Amps)

  CCA 100 ~ 1700 (Cold Cranking Amps)

  EN 100 ~ 1000 

  IEC 100 ~ 1700 

  DIN 100 ~ 1000 

  JIS# (100 ~ 1700 CCA)  

12V Battery Types that can be Tested: Wet (Flooded),  VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF),  Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF),  Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL cell batteries

Analyzing time during test: 

Less than 5 seconds


 Supplied with USB cable and software for PC/Laptop connection to Print and Save the last Test Results.


Click to view typical Full Print Result via PC


Battery Analyser 4 in 1 - Operators Manual  (PDF file)

Typical Screens:

Battery Tester / Analyser

Battery Tester / Analyser - CCA IEC EN JIS DIN

Battery Tester / Analyser CCA input

Battery Tester / Analyser- Battery Results

Battery Tester / Analyser - engine ground test

Battery Tester / Analyser- Starter load test

Battery Tester / Analyser - Charge Test - No load

Battery Tester / Analyser- Charge Test - with load

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