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Please Note: The CMT-511 Range has been superseded by the new CMT-2010 model!

     Based on a high performance Windows-TM based PC platform the CRYPTON CMT-2010 is an Modular Automotive Diagnostic Station to which different “modules” are added on. This makes it easily up/down gradable in the future without affecting the rest of the diagnostic station. It provides Full Engine Diagnostics for petrol and diesel vehicles when equipped with all options. Add to that a visual inspection program, save to disk facility, fully formatted printout, help wherever you are in the program, and a range of options that includes M.O.T. emissions testing (petrol & diesel), fault code reading, and dedicated automotive oscilloscope, and you have everything you need to identify and repair faults quickly and efficiently.

Additionally print invoices, connect to the Internet or other PC's in the workshop or the office, store customers data, use the PC for anything a PC can be used for!  Make it the Hub of your workshop now as almost all new equipment comes with PC communication facilities. Work Smart, don't just work more!

CMT-2010 Station Includes:

  • Multi-draw, lockable Cabinet with sturdy wheels for easy movement and equipment storage.

  • Windows based PC with CD/DVD ROM, 17" (or bigger on special order) LCD Monitor.

  • A4 Printer with box of A4 paper to get you started right away.

  • Integrated CMS3 Menu, Engine Test Software &  Scope Software. All Software is preloaded for 'out of the box' easy usage.

  • Swivel boom for EAM and SAK accessories kit (if equipped with EAM option)

  • One year standard warrantee.

  • Free On-site Training - We will come to you and provide a theory and practical hands-on training on equipment usage for one full day - free of charge!

Add on OPTIONS to the CMT-2010:

Petrol Exhaust Emissions Analyser - 4/5 Gas Analyser  MOT / DOT Petrol Exhaust Emissions: State of the art 4 or 5 Gas Analyser. To test today’s petrol vehicles you need a catalyst emission tester with a program that can be easily updated as legislation changes, a vehicle database that is simple to update combined with an analyser that is economical to run, reliable and easy to use. Measures CO, HC, CO2, O2, Lambda, AFR, etc. etc. for Petrol, CNG, LPG


Diesel Exhaust Emissions Analyser - Smoke / Opacity Meter  MOT / DOT Diesel Exhaust Emissions: Digital Smoke (Opacity) Meter. The VOSA Approved Smoke Head caters for all diesel vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, plus light and heavy plant machinery - with sampling pipe options to suit different exhaust types. It includes new HGV Reduced Pollution Certification test (RPC) enabling fleet operators to reduce running costs. Measures diesel smoke opacity / density, HSU / Km-1


Automotive Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader and Live Data Scanner  Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader and Live Data Scanner: OBDII & EOBD (Only) or Full Capability (wireless or wired) Diagnostic Unit for old and new vehicle models with all available special cables. Different models to suit your specific requirements are available.


  Universal RPM and Temperature measurement add-on adapters.


Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope - Engine Analyser  Dedicated Oscilloscope Two in one- EAM (Engine Analyser Module) features:
Lab Scope
  • 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO).
  •  Displays up to 2 different waveforms simultaneously.
  • Store and replay facility for waveform files, with up to 10 - 300 screens per file (number of files is limited by available hard-drive space).
  • Comprehensive PC-based trigger facility.
  • User configurable probe menu for use with almost any type of vehicle/engine.
  • View primary or secondary for up to 8 cylinders simultaneously.
  • Allows up to 8-cylinder detection of excessive Primary or Secondary voltage deviations, which can indicate misfires.
  • The graphical waveform is a rolling display, showing a level of recorded history, dependent on engine RPM.
Automotive Ignition Scope
  • Peak detect circuit to capture all maximum spark signals.
  • Full DIS/COP/Conventional ignition system waveform display capabilities (raster, parade and single cylinder) showing the primary or secondary waveform patterns for up to 8 cylinders simultaneously.
  • Facility to show primary and secondary ignition waveforms on the same screen.
  • Shows DIS power/waste ignition waveforms for up to 8 cylinders simultaneously.
  • Facility to show both power and waste waveforms on the same screen.
  • Extensive vehicle/engine database.
  • Store and replay facility for waveform files, with up to 10 - 300 screens per file (number of files is limited by available hard-drive space).
Engine tests
  • Starter Test
  • Battery Test
  • Alternator Charge & Diode test.
  • Cylinder efficiency test (cylinder contribution test for computer controlled engines). *Requires 4 gas analyser*
  • Cranking test (relative compression and charging system test for DIS, COP and conventional ignition systems).
  • Power check (power balance test for non-computer controlled engines.
  • Scope channel, which synchronises the secondary range to an alternative scope, such as MAP or MAF sensor.
  • Store and replay facility for waveform files, with up to 10 - 300 screens per file (number of files is limited by available hard-drive space).
Single cylinder test
  • Digital KV meter (polarity, minimum, maximum, live KV).
Bar graphs
  • Spark KV/V bar graph (secondary or primary).
  • Spark KV bar graph (DIS power and waste).
  • Burn KV and burn time bar graph.
  • RPM bar graph.
  • Shows primary/secondary and DIS power/waste ignition waveform patterns.
  • Shows Dwell.
  • Displays every ignition cycle on screen.
  • Variable time-base and KV/V range.
  • Digital ignition meter showing polarity, minimum, maximum, live KV.
  • Facility to print any display screen.
  • Automatic, Manual, On Demand Print out
Help files
  • Extensive user-friendly integrated help files.
  • Simple Menu driven navigation.

The CMT-2010 workstation is also the ideal solution for any Training Centre or educational facility due to the extensive on-screen help and guided tests available throughout the program. Explanations of the 'fault', why it appeared, how it affects the relevant system and what to do to rectify it is also available. It's really an very user friendly diagnostic station.


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CT2010 - Complete Automotive Diagnostic Test Station for Professionals

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Auto Tests & On Screen Help

Colored Pass & Fail Test results

Manual Adjustments

Automated Tune-Up Tests

Digital Bar Graphs

Multiple Channel Scope

Comprehensive Print Out's

CMT2010 - typical print out - digital data readings

CMT2010 - typical print out - oscilloscope

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