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BEST Vehicle coverage! This is a tool no truck workshop should be without!

Professional diagnostics for light and heavy commercial vehicles

   Do you want to concentrate on finding and repairing vehicle defects rather than wasting time on trying to understand complicated and obsolete software? Autocom has arguably the most intuitive and user-friendly diagnostics software on the market. Autocomís development work always has the end user in focus.
   Autocom TRUCKS is a diagnostics program for the following vehicle interfaces: CDP, SDP and ADP 186. The program can run on PC, Laptop and PPC, making Autocom TRUCKS one of the most flexible and powerful diagnostic tools on the market for all vehicle workshops.
   All of Autocomís products include wireless communication. The software contains a comprehensive database with manufacturer-specific OBD* giving superior vehicle coverage.




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Typical Live Data Screens

Typical Live Data Screens

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The CDP vehicle interface

   Autocom uses original data from vehicle manufacturers in the development of the database. This is a pre-requisite in order to be able to offer the quality and functionality that modern users take for granted.
To make life even easier, Autocom has developed a number of functions to help the user make the right decisions. One such example is ISI (Intelligent System Identification) in which the software automatically detects a particular vehicleís system for diagnosis. This saves a great deal of time and ensures that the right result is achieved.
Additional information such as repair data, service and electrical diagrams from external suppliers can be combined with the program via pre-prepared links.
The Software and databases are available in several languages.


READ DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

Selecting this function allows the Scan Tool to read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) from the vehicle control modules. DTC's are used to help quickly determine the cause of a problem or problems within a vehicle. These codes cause the control module (ECU) to illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) when a fault occurs with one of the monitored systems. MIL is also known as 'Service Engine Soon' or 'Check Engine' or 'Visit Workshop' lamp.

The ERASE DTC function clears the DTC's and reset all the I/M Readiness Monitor Status to a NOT-RUN flashing condition. To set all of the Monitors to a DONE status, an OBDII Drive Cycle must be performed. Please refer to the vehicle service manual for information on how to perform an OBDII Drive Cycle for the vehicle under test. This usually involves driving the vehicle under certain conditions in order for the ECU's to 'relearn' the driving cycle. Erasing the DTC's from the ECU's memory also helps with "before and after" diagnostics.

The Live Data function allows Real Time Viewing of the vehicles computer module PID data. As the computer monitors the vehicle, information is simultaneously transmitted to the scan tool in real time. In this mode, one can see all engine parameters in color as engine temperature, advance, engine speed, throttle position etc. etc. This unit also allows you to Save the live data readings for later comparison with a similar vehicle! The color coding changes as the monitored values go higher or lower from a predetermined range. This helps greatly with finding intermittent or latent problems.

When an emission-related fault has occurred, certain vehicle data is recorded by the on-board computer. This information is referred to as Freeze Frame data.  FREEZE FRAME is a snapshot of the operating conditions of the engine and the relevant sensor values at the time when the fault had occurred. This way you can see what the operating state of the system (say engine) was when the fault occurred. i.e. engine temp, timing, vehicle speed, RPM, throttle position, etc. etc.

When the vehicle on board computers detects a problem in their related systems or components, their self-diagnostic program will assign a fault code (DTC) and store it in its memory. They also record a Freeze Frame of the conditions present when the fault was found and set the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) alight. Some faults require detection for two trips in a row before the MIL is turned on. This mode is used to check the status of the MIL light, whether it had been set on or off in case the MIL on the dashboard had malfunctioned or tampered with.

The I/M Readiness (Inspection / Maintenance Readiness) function is used to view a snapshot of the operations on the emission system monitors in OBD II equipped vehicles. The vehicle ECU constantly monitors it's dependant  systems and if one of them can not complete a full check it might set a DTC. i.e. the engine temperature should complete a full circle from cold to hot in order for the relevant I/M to be considered as 'complete'.

LIVE ACTUATIONS (where available or permitted by the ECUs)
Some ECU's permit you to actuate (switch On/Off etc. etc.) some of their operating circuits in order to diagnose functionality of the relevant actuators. i.e relays, fans, door locks, lights, injectors, A/C clutch etc. etc.

VEHICLE INFORMATION (where available or permitted by the ECUs)
This function allows the Scan Tool to request the vehicle information (VIN), calibration ID(s) which identifies software version in vehicle control module(s), and calibration verification numbers (CVN(s), Ignition Key's, etc. etc.

ECU VALUES ADAPTATION / RESET, KEY and Parts CODING (where available or permitted by the ECUs and/or vehicle manufacturer)
Increasingly, some vehicle spare parts come with 'coded' numbers that have to entered in to the ECU in order to recognize and/or accept the new (or second hand) part. ECU's, Injectors, spare keys, radios and even starters are now coming out 'coded'. This function is indispensable if you need to change those vehicle parts.


This Diagnostic tool is unique as it can work on both CARS and TRUCKS.
The CDP (the hardware) works on both, providing you have the necessary cables.

The Software however is divided into two categories:
 - Cars & Light Commercial         Download the CARS Application list here.  -(PDF file)
 - Light Commercial and Trucks  Download the TRUCK Application List here. -(PDF file)

The Software categories can be ordered separately or together.
This gives you more upgrade flexibility if you later decide to move from Cars into Trucks or vise-versa or need to cover both.
It also saves you money as you only pay for the Software category you are missing (plus any necessary cables), but not for the main hardware interface (the CDP)

The AutoCom (in any configuration) is a PC based Diagnostic Tool. This means you can use your existing Laptop or a PC and save even further.

AutoCom Cars - brochure - download (PDF file)
 AutoCom Trucks - brochure - download (PDF file)


Autocom - diagnostic truck code reader and engine scanner


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