Crypton Diagnostic Equipment - Automotive Diagnostic Workshop Equipment as used by Dealers and Garages

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    Crypton Diagnostic Equipment is a company that sales, services and repairs automotive diagnostic equipment as used in the Automotive Dealerships, Private Workshops and Garages.


Having experienced first hand the technical incompetence of most salesman of workshop diagnostic equipment, we've decided that a company with in-debt technical knowledge was needed in order to deliver experienced know-how and support to the automotive technicians in need of workshop equipment. Hence, in 2005, Crypton Diagnostic Equipment CC was born. Our first major equipment supplier was (not surprisingly) Crypton Technologies UK- a company with 100 years business record.

            Since then, our company managed to acquire the trust and support of some of the biggest automotive diagnostic equipment manufacturers around the world.
            We are the official distributors for Southern Africa of Omitec®-UK, Crypton®-UK and Autodiagnos®-Sweden, and appointed distributors of Launch-SA and Radical™ equipment.
            Some equipment is also made by us using only high-end quality parts and modules, most of which - also imported. We also write the software for our own equipment in-house.

            We bring to your doorstep the equipment and the necessary knowledge required to make the most of it. After all, no one wants to employ a “worker” who just sits there doing nothing. We know all too well that automotive equipment has to be “worked” in order to make money from its usage and ownership.

            We, constantly strive to bring you the best value you can get for your hard earned money. After all, we are automotive technicians, just as you probably are, and we know what it takes to stay in the automotive repair business. That is why; with us you get the best deals and back-up in South Africa.

            We will never provide you with equipment that has not been tested by us and doesn’t have proven credibility, functionality or support. We stay firmly behind all the products we supply to you.

            With this in mind, we come to you and do our best to offer the most suitable and profit making equipment that will satisfy your specific needs without breaking the bank (or your heart). We also bring you the knowledge how to operate the equipment efficiently, so it can start making profit straight away.

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