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Our New range of Intelligent Battery Chargers has been designed to meet the high demands of today’s batteries. With its micro processor controlled circuits they deliver exactly the right amount of charge dependant on the condition and state of charge of the battery. Never again worry about overcharging a battery. Have you batteries properly maintained, always 100% charged and ready for work.

This Intelligent Battery Reconditioner & Charger incorporates reconditioning processes to recover deeply discharged batteries, especially found in deep cycle batteries, by using latest Inverter technology (high frequency switching circuitry which converts incoming AC input into 12v/24v DC outputs). Its built-in microprocessor control constantly senses the condition of the battery during the whole charging process, and provides the accurate Amperage and Voltage to the battery based on the 7 designated charging stage requirements. If it finds that the battery has failed after the conducted battery test, it will immediately start the reconditioning process where it introduces low constant current at higher voltage to recondition the battery for 4 hours before it begins another test.

Main Features:

 -   Microprocessor controlled charging that always monitors the battery condition during operation to determine the correct action that should be taken.
 -   Very Accurate in determining the correct amount of current and voltage during charging which never overcharges a battery.
 -   Its Desulphation process helps to break down sulphate that occurs in battery which has been left flat for extended periods of time or when lead sulphate hardens and clog up the battery cells. This helps to restore lightly sulphated batteries back to its best state, thus increasing performance and prolonged battery life.
 -   Automatic 7 stage switching mode makes charging much easier, quicker and safer on all types of lead acid batteries with no worries of disconnecting the battery after full charge.
Constant current bulk charge and 7 stage intelligent charging provides the fastest possible way to recharge the battery without overcharging it eliminating any possible damage.

Step1: Desulphation - (Pulse Charge) This process breaks down sulphation that occurs in batteries left flat for long periods, returning them back to life.

Step 2: Soft-start - (Half Current) Preliminary charge process that gently introduces power to the battery , thus protecting the battery and increasing its life.

Step 3: Bulk Charge - (Max Current) Maximum rate charge which puts a large amount of power into the battery in a shortest possible time. 80% charge state.

Step 4: Absorption - (Constant Voltage) Slower charge rate so the battery can absorb more power and reach 100% charge level without overcharging.

Step 5: Battery Test - (Voltage Monitor) 90 seconds Automatic Battery Test to confirm successful state of charge and determine further course of action.

Step 6: Recondition - (Constant Current) Recovers deeply discharged batteries, Equalizes the cells charge levels across the battery, Equalizes the acid content between top and bottom of the cells.

Step 7: Maintenance Float Charge - (Float Pulse) Maintains the battery at 100% state of charge without damage or overcharging.

  -  Self-Test on Power-On, ensures internal circuitry reliability before charging commence.
  -  Battery Reverse Polarity and Output Short Circuit: spark-less protection.
  -  No-Battery Connection Protection: The charger can not be used as a stand alone power supply.
  -  Highly efficient: Produces much less heat during charging due to less energy loss.
  -  Light in weight and compact in size compared with traditional chargers. Average weight - 1kg.
  -  Temperature controlled internal cooling fan, Thermal Protection @ 65degC.
  -  Over-voltage
protection, Faulty Battery protection,
Audible Alarms.
  -  Easy-View Charging process indication by flashing Color LEDs.
  -  Low Priced comparing to alternative units even for DIY / private applications.
  -  Truly, connect-and-forget, trouble free battery maintenance.
Suitable for most Lead Acid Batteries, sealed or not, including Calcium, GEL and AGM.


 - The Charger can be left connected infinitely without harming the battery which helps to maintain the battery charge levels - incorporating Float Charge processes (Pulse charging). If the battery terminal voltage goes below a lower limit, the charger automatically goes back to the beginning of the charging curve. However, being an Intelligent Charger, it determines which step to begin with depending on the state of the battery. It might not necessarily begin from Step-1 every time. This is also a great future for battery back-up installations as the charger will take care of the battery's needs immediately after the main power has come back. Batteries love recharging as soon as possible after hard work.

 - This is NOT a Fast Charger for Jump Starting your vehicle!

Battery Conditioner and Charger - Manual  (PDF file) Get to know your charger!

Have you batteries properly maintained, always 100% charged and ready for work.
More information about Batteries can be found in our Tech Things to Know section.

Best Buy - Automotive Battery Charger and Reconditioner

Microprocessor controled 7 stage Automotive Battery reconditioner and charger

Automatic 7 stage Battery reconditioner and charger

7 stage Automotive Battery reconditioner and charger

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Available in 12v and 24v versions
  12V / 5A  up to 100AH batteries
12V / 7A  up to 140AH batteries
  12V / 10A  up to 200AH batteries
  12V / 15A  up to 300AH batteries
  12V / 20A  up to 400AH batteries
Also in:  24V / 5A and 24V / 10A

Which Charger is for my application - chart?

Many applications include: Automotive, telecoms, standby generators, recreation, marine, aviation, emergency vehicles on stand by and many other industries where reliably charged batteries are vital.
This intelligent charger is also indispensable for doing extensive diagnostics or electrical work on vehicles. No more worries about lost radio codes, reset ECU's or flat batteries just before the customer arrives.


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