EFI System Analyser & Simulator

The First & Only Complete Electronic Fuel Injection

Diagnostic & Service Tool

With One Simple In Line Hook Up , See What the EFI SYSTEM ANALYSER
Can Do In Less Than One Hour, Without Removing A Single Part From the Engine

Test, Diagnose & Clean with Chemicals or Ultrasonically
On Bench Diagnosis:
Inspect Injector Spray patterns.
Flow test Injectors against time and pressure.
Ultrasonically clean Injectors and components.
Back flush Injectors for ultimate basket cleaning.
DYNAMIC Diagnosis:
  • Measure System Regulated Flow
  • Measure System Regulated Fuel Pressure
  • Measure System Unregulated Fuel Flow
  • Measure System Unregulated Fuel Pressure
  • Measure System Maximum Pressure
  • Measure System Rest Pressure
  • Detect any Drop in Pressure,
    Unwanted Flow or Leaking Injectors
  • Test Individually
    Each Injector for Even Flow
  • Detecting Restricted or Leaking Injectors has Never been Easier.
  • Test for ECU Response.
    ( Whether or not the ECU is changing
    the injectors pulse width correctly )

Service The Entire Fuel System :

Service the Entire Fuel System
From Fuel Tank to Injectors.

Find and Resolve Problems
such as Water in Fuel ,
Restricted or Rusty Fuel Lines,
Fuel Filters etc. etc.

Decarbonise, and
Clean the Inlet Manifold,
Combustion Chambers and
Whilst engine running!!!

All of this done in 20min.

And Even More:

Using our unique EFI Simulator you can ignore the ECU and run the engine without it.
Think about what this will give you in diagnosing, no-start problems, faulty ECU's etc. etc.
The EFI Simulator is designed also to be used as an Ignition Module Driver so you can check and load most of the existing ignition modules with ease.
With the accurate LCD display, current flowing trough the ignition module or an injector is easy to read and record.

The digital timing light will "freeze" the spray pattern of the injectors for easy view, or also can be use as high quality timing light for adjusting ignition timing, dwell angle, RPM measurement etc. etc.
Using our EFI Analyser you can tune-up the Air Flow Meter according to the actual fuel flow and engine wear for ultimate driving experience and customer satisfaction.
With the high delivery flow fuel pump you can run any engine without hassle. In fact you can completely ignore the whole EFI system and still run the engine.
The Analyser is also suitable for "on the bench" applications and injector cleaning using our ultrasonic cleaning bench Ultraclean 2000, checking spray patterns and flow, or used to decarbonise and clean the inlet manifold, combustion chambers and injectors whilst the engine is running ( no stripping ) with recommended chemicals.
Can also be used with Carburetor and Direct EFI Engines. Suitable for chemically decarbonising Petrol & Diesel engines.


Electronic Fuel Injection System Analyser











Ultrasonic bath for injectors

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