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Tuning a car’s engine used to be simple, you connected it to your big old engine analyser and gave it a Crypton Tune. Is today’s vehicle technology making you feel more Krypton Factor than Crypton Tune? Crypton are proud to present the very latest in vehicle diagnostic technology, if you need to crack a fault code, then you need a CYPHER!

Designed and manufactured by Crypton, a company that’s been tuning and diagnosing for nearly 100 years.


Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader -systems


Windows based platforms are becoming an increasingly common sight in workshops today. They offer an ideal platform for a wide variety of diagnostic and information software. The CYPHER system from Crypton comes neatly packaged as a complete kit that can include either the Quad Pad, a standard laptop or even on its own to be used with your own laptop. How you want to have it is up to you....

Both European and Asian vehicle manufacturers are covered with an impressive depth of coverage. Using a Windows based operating system, navigation around the system via icons and menu screens are straight
forward. Choosing the manufacturer, model and engine management system from the menus CYPHER will tell which connection lead to use (plus any adapters for older vehicles) and the location of the diagnostic socket.

The system will display and clear fault codes, and extract live data. Live data is a particularly useful feature for a more in depth analysis of vehicle problems, CYPHER has particularly easy to use live data functionality. The menus will list available systems that can be accessed and the data can be displayed either numerically or as a histograph. This graph format plots the operation of a sensor over a short period of time. You can view up to four plots at any one time in this mode, and this system is able to take ‘snap shots’ of the live data.


  Flexible configurations available to suit your personalised requirements and budget:

Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader -VCI only

Wired Module for use on your own PC or Laptop

Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader -VCI with Laptop version

Wireless Module and Mobile Tablet

Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader -VCI with PDA/Tablet

Wireless Module complete with Laptop


  Other features include:

Continuous Operation regardless of update version!
Live readings shown in numeric or graphical form for easy analysis
Clear navigation through procedures and tests
Regular and easy to load updates
Wide Manufacturer and function coverage
Vehicle Data Information Link
USB Connection to PC
Wireless or cabled versions. Tablet version has touch screen
High Impact rugged interface module
Reads/Clears Fault codes and displays fault code descriptions
Actuator Testing and Auto System ID (where available)
*Optional Legacy cable kit for Pre EOBD vehicles (i.e. pre year 1996)

View CYPHER vehicle systems coverage list.

Download the CYPHER brochure.

Crypton Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader coverage

    Crypton Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader in action     Crypton Cypher - Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader at work

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