The Crypton CGP-700 is a completely integrated MOT Petrol Exhaust Gas Analyser. It combines state of the art technology with Windows™ based programs. To test today’s exhaust emissions on petrol vehicles you need a VOSA approved catalyst emission tester with a program that can be easily updated as legislation changes, a vehicle database that is simple to update combined with an analyser that is economical to buy, easy to use and reliable.


Exhaust Gas Analyser Features:

  • VOSA approved

  • 3 year parts and labour warranty

  • Fast warm-up (1 min typical)

  • Clip-on RPM measurement

  • Oil Temperature measurement

  • Integrated customer database

  • Automatic printout

  • 17" LCD Monitor

  • Measures CO, HC, CO2, O2, NOx, Lambda, AFR

This Gas Analyser is accurate to OIML 0 and Upgradeable to Diesel MOT !


  • - CDSS2 Universal Vibration / Ultrasonic RPM Measuring Kit
  • - CDSS3 Battery Tachometer
  • - TFT Flat Screen with black keyboard and mouse
  • - MOT Digital Diesel Smoke head with software

Models Available:

  • CGP700-EN140 MoT Approved 4 Gas analyser

  • CGP700-EN150 MoT 5 Approved Gas analyser

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