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So, you always wanted a modern Wheel Aligner machine that is up to date with the latest vehicle technology, but never had the funds for one? Not anymore! The all NEW KWA300-3D Wheel Aligner from Launch is here! Actually it's a 4D technology working in a 3 dimensional world!


  • Heavy, Cumbersome CCD cameras to attach or fall-brake and recalibrate.

  • Damaged, tangling in your feet or cut by the lift expensive connection cables.

  • Nuisance interference from light or other devices.


  • Uncluttered working environment. - No cables to cut or trip on to, no expensive and heavy heads to drop. Instead you have very light but durable Passive Targets for attachment to the wheels.

  • Voice guidance and Test prompts. - Work and listen, you don't even have to look so often at the Huge LCD color Screen although one can't help but marvel at it.

  • Animated Walkthrough screens. - CGI like animated graphics guide you through the entire wheel alignment process.

  • Range of Professional Print-Outs. From Graphics to plain Text, you choose what your customer will see in the final report.

  • Real User friendly and Intelligent software with Huge vehicle database and regular Updates. - Custom vehicle data entry, Customer details Data Base, South African vehicle specifications.

  • Demo Mode for Learners or Expert Mode for quick turn around workflow.

  • High Quality Quick Action Clamps, Steering Wheel Lock, Brake Pedal depressor, etc, etc.

  • Real Time Dynamic compensation measurement and adjustment. Runout made easy!

  • Set and Forget - Once the 3D has been calibrated for you may never need to do it again*

  • Pit or 4-Post Lift installation- Your workplace, your choice. We say - No Problem!


  • 4-Post Lift certified for Wheel Alignment use with High Quality Ram-tops, Mechanical Turn Tables and movable Scissor Jack in the middle.

   How about we give you that 4-Post Lift together with the 3D Aligner, all for the price of some other wheel aligner manufacturer machines alone?*  Give us a  You won't be sorry you did!

Still NOT Quite ENOUGH??
   How about we Upgrade your current Wheel Alignment set-up to the 3D Aligner for a fraction of the cost. You get a 3D Aligner Kit with all necessary hardware and software to convert your existing old wheel aligner cabinet in to a modern machine. This option is always custom tailored to your specific needs and requirements so please Contact Us for details. New machine for the price of a second hand one? Find out for yourself.

Operators Manual can be found here. (PDF file)                 Certificate of conformity. (PDF file)

Launch - Automotive Workshop Equipment

3D Wheel Aligner - Launch - KWA300

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3D Wheel Aligner and 4 post lift - Launch - fitted

3D Wheel Aligner - Launch - KWA300 - accesories

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Wheel Aligner Certified 4 post Lift - Launch

The X631 CCD Wheel Aligner

Wireless or Cabled versions available. Incredible Price range!

X631 specifications can be found here. (PDF file)

     3D Wheel Aligner - Launch - KWA300 - software

Wheel Aligner - Launch - x631

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