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OmiScan Gas - The High Performance Portable Diagnostic Exhaust Emissions Gas Analyser Station. If you ever wanted the freedom and mobility of a Handheld tool and the power of a PC based one...that's the one.
The OmiScan Gas has all the functions of a hand held gas analyser but also a unique diagnostic and data capture facility. It measures up to 5 gases, diagnostically analyses the results and suggests to the user possible faults on the vehicle - The OmiScan-Gas truly takes petrol exhaust gas diagnosis to another level!

Main Features:

  • 5 gases Measured (Infra Red and Electrochemical cell) HCs, CO, CO2, NOx and O2
  • Measurement accuracy meets or exceeds requirements for OIML Class 0 and BAR97
  • Lambda and Air Fuel Ratio measurement
  • Fast Warm up (typically 1 min) and Fast Response Times
  • Battery powered Up to 4 hours continuous use, charge time 4 hours max. (Battery charger included)
  • Fast and easy basic maintenance.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Handset with range in excess of 30 feet.
  • Light weight rugged compact construction with integral carry handle and charging dock for handset.
  • Battery status indicators and low charge warning for both handset and base station.
  • Quick release sample hose with optional extension hose.
  • Gas readings presented in gas concentrations or grams per mile.
  • Simulated test functions such as CAT test.
  • Optional Wireless Bluetooth OBD interface module for RPM and Engine.
  • Temperature readings.
  • Data logging function including Date and time.
  • Up to 1 hr Live Data Storage on handset.
  • Individual gas monitoring in large text.
  • On board Analysis Diagnostic functions.
  • USB connection of handset for interfacing with PC Gas Analyser software for data printout and comprehensive graphing functions.
  • PC application has comprehensive fault diagnostics menus to aid trouble shooting; Graphing function, either as a live plot or as bar graph for individual gases.
  • User functions to define test parameters and customized tests and to add data to graphs.
  • Full search ability for stored data.
  • Print out results with workshop and customer details

Portable Petrol Exhaust Emissions Gas analyser - OmiScan-Gas

Portable Petrol Exhaust Emissions Gas analyser - complete < Click to enlarge...

Portable Petrol Exhaust Emissions Gas analyser - dock

Portable Petrol Exhaust Emissions Gas analyser - Omitec software

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