Omitec Oscilloscopes

OmiScope Labscope & OmiScope Ignition Analyser

The OmiScope is an 'Automotive Digital Oscilloscope' with a range of features that have been designed specifically for the automotive diagnostic technician. With engine scope and ignition analyser modules available, which integrate into a common hand held unit, OmiScope offers a wide range of automotive diagnostic functions at a low cost.

Main features:
Portable automotive diagnostic system available in 3 different configurations with built-in, context sensitive help.
Lab Scope:
4 channel digital storage scope with Auto Scope set-up
4 channel digital multimeter. Displays up to 6 panels at a time
Pre-configured for: injector, O2 sensor, MAP/MAF analog & digital, TPS
Quick Ignition:
Shows Primary or Secondary Ignition waveform patterns. Digital Ignition meter showing: polarity, minimum, maximum and live kV
Ignition scope:
5 MHz analog peak detect circuit to capture all maximum spark signals.
Full DIS/conventional ignition system waveform display capabilities (raster, parade and single cylinder).
Extensive vehicle database.
Displays primary and secondary ignition or DIS power and waste waveforms together.
Engine Tests:
Pre-defined tests for: diodes, cylinder efficiency, cranking and power check.

OmiScope Labscope
A robust 4-Channel Automotive Labscope with multimeter, pre configured autometers and Quick Ignition. Supplied in a sturdy case with all required leads.

OmiScope Ignition Analyser
The Ignition Analyser covers ignition systems including DIS and has a single channel labscope feature. Supplied in a sturdy case with all required leads.

OmiScope Full Kit
Combines the 4-Channel labscope and Ignition Analyser into a complete kit with all necessary leads offering a wide range of diagnostic functions.

OmiScope Add On kits:

OmiScope Labscope to Full Kit Upgrade
Contains Ignition Analyser module and associated leads.

OmiScope Engine Analyser to Full Kit Upgrade
Contains the labscope module and associated leads.

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