Vehicle Emissions vs Clean Air in SA

     It's a well known fact that the pollution in our cities is getting out of hand, you don't need to be a "rocket scientist" to notice it. We should leave the Earth cleaner after we've gone for the sake of our children. Lets give them the possibility to experience clean air and unpolluted space to live in.

   Well, the government has lately stepped in and is looking forward to combat pollution with all means possible. One of those means and probably the most important, is creating awareness among the citizens and businesses about the rising problem.

   Crypton Diagnostic Equipment was contacted by the Johannesburg City local government officials to assist with providing Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment and expertise in analyzing the results from those voluntary tests. The general public was also informed and during the test days anyone who wanted could get their vehicle for emission testing. The whole procedure lasts 5 min. and it was of course completely free to the volunteers. Needless to say we were only glad to help.

Some of the tests were conducted at NASREC (2-3 June 2008) during the World Climate Change Summit  and others at the Public Transport Month (2 October 2008) opening at the Sandton Vehicle Test Station. It's our belief more tests are still to be run on the public roads in the future. Check this article by Makoena Pabale from the City of Johannesburg.

   We are pleased to say that we had high public attendance during the test days and tested more than 200 vehicles. The equipment used for the tests was of course Crypton. We tested Petrol as well as Diesel vehicles. The results we handed over to the JHB officials. Surprisingly, the average rate of vehicles failing the exhaust emissions tests was not as high as initially expected. Obviously much more data has to be collected before making any meaningful conclusions.

   The City of JHB is pushing the boundaries further with plans to have mobile vehicle emissions test stations on the roads before the end of this year. Thus, more vehicle will get tested for excessive exhaust emissions and more public awareness of the pollution problem will be created. Those tests will be initially free, until the government has collected enough data to enforce a mandatory exhaust emission tests. Those will be conducted at the existing vehicle test stations and form a part of the renewal or issuing of new vehicle licenses.

Needless to say, the government has still a lot of work to do, but watch this space because a new vehicle exhaust pollution law and relative pollution limits will be coming your way in the near future.


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