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We have limited stock of the following second hand Autodata books. All in very good condition!

Those automotive data information books contain vehicle manufacturers specific diagnostic procedures with expected values, component locations, diagnostic procedures etc. etc.

Fault Diagnostics Flow Charts 1991-1993

ECU Pin Data 1999

Service Guide 2000

Frame Dimensions 1997 (for panel-beaters)

Repair Times (Body) 1992-2001 (for panel-beaters)

Repair Times 1991-1997   - SOLD

Wheel Alignment 2003 Carburetors 1970- 1995    - SOLD

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Note: We do not sell New Autodata books & CD's.

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EOBD / OBDII Code-Breaker:

This excellent book contains thousands of Diagnostic Trouble Codes and their proper explanations! It also have an indebt explanations of Why the codes where set and How to proceed with further diagnosis of the faulty components. The book is an indispensable companion to anyone working with a code reader or data scanner even if it's a professional one.

It Covers over all standard EOBD / ISO fault codes including P0,P2,P3 and U0 codes
Provides in depth explanation and maximizes the interpretation for each diagnostic fault code
Meaningful description and quick check for each fault code is provided
Component / System Descriptions for each code
Comprehensive explanations of how and why fault codes are activated and how to proceed with repairs.
The book is made up of 4 chapters:
     Chapter 1: Understanding Fault Codes and Fault Code Definitions
     Chapter 2: Sensor, Actuator and Detailed Component Checks 
Chapter 3: Component Locations
Chapter 4: ISO / EOBD Fault Codes (over 360 pages covering all P0, P2, P3 and U0 codes and their proper definitions. No more abbreviations or code hunting.
This book is an excellent tool for professional diagnosticians and all DIY mechanics. See an example page.

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R849.00 each

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