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Refurbished Crypton Cadet System 700: Portable Engine Tune Up Station, 12v Operated ( or 220v with adapter ).

Microprocessor based, software driven 2 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope with VMM.
This is the little brother of the CMT series engine analysers. It will do most things the CMT's can do!
Ideal for all vehicles with conventional or electronic ignition systems. (except for DIS,, COP, Double ended coils)

Software Guided Automatic or Manual Tests of:
Battery, Starter, Alternator (with regulator and diodes condition)
RPM, Ignition Advance, Dwell, Burn Time etc. etc.
Complete Ignition System Tests
Fuel Injection Tests
Sensors and Actuators Tests
Cylinder Power Balance and Power Contribution
Comprehensive Print-outs with Pass/Fail conditions

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Ferret 55-Engine Link LT, Engine analyser up to 12 cyl. cars DIS & Conventional ignition. . Very good condition. With Printer IR link.

AutoSort feature automatically determines coil, and plug polarity on DIS engines.
Powerful diagnostic routines to help you find the problem area fast.
Easy to use, help key available.
Two BNC connectors on the back panel interface with most dual channel labscopes.
Power Tests :Automatic or manual spark suppression is used to test Power Balance.
Electrical Tests : battery performance and the entire starting/charging system.
Sensor Tests : Glitches in throttle position sensors, identify defective or lazy oxygen sensors.
Hard Start Tests : Find no-start and hard start problems quickly.
Power Contribution : Monitors engine power balance on DIS or Distributor engines while the engine is idling.
Messages identify faults immediately.

Crypton Diagnostic Equipment Stock


One only  in stock...



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