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        Crypton Diagnostic Equipment - Contact Us

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Contact Us

Crypton Diagnostic Equipment - Home

Crypton Diagnostic Equipment - Home Contact Us
Crypton Equipment - High Quality automotive diagnostic equipment for Professionals, Dealerships and MOT / DOT stations:
Crypton Brake Testers, Crypton Battery Chargers, Crypton Code Readers, Crypton Diesel Smoke Meters, Crypton Gas Analysers, Crypton Mot Diagnostic Stations
Omitec Equipment - Suppliers of OEM & Independent garage Workshops with Quality Diagnostic Equipment:
Omitec Code Readers & Data Scanners -
OmiScan, Omitec Land Rover Code Readers & Data Scanners - OmiPro, Omitec Gas Analysers - OmiScan, Gas Omitec Gas Analysers - OmiGas PC based, Omitec Gas Analysers - OmiEmission Centre, Omitec Diesel Smoke Meters - Standalone, Omitec Diesel Smoke Meters - PC Based, Omitec Automotive Scopes - OmiScope, Omitec Multitask Workstations, Omitec Wheel Sensor Reset Tools - OmiDetect & OmiTyre, Omitec Park Sensor Tools, Omitec Smart Multimeters, Omitec Leak Detection Tools
Autodiagnos Equipment - Autodiagnos Diagnostic Trouble Code Readers & Live Engine Data Scanners for the independent workshops - Multi Tester Pro
CDE Equipment: Some of our own or otherwise sourced quality equipment well worth having in your workshop:
Electronic Fuel Injection Analyser, Electronic Fuel Injection Simulator, Quality Fuel Pressure Gauges, Pro Gas Analyser, Brake Fluid Tester, Professional Spray Booths, Auto Electrician's Power Test Probe
Launch Equipment: Arguably the best Chinese automotive equipment manufacturer. Best value for money: Wheel Balancers, Tyre Changers, Wheel Alignment, Lifts, X431 series Automotive Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader and Live Engine Data Scanner for Cars and Trucks, Aircon Service Stations
Tech Things to know Section - Technical Information for the automotive workshop professionals:
Actuators Wheel Alignment Exhaust Emissions Code Reading Ignition Injection Sensors Automotive Scopes Multimeters Web Tech Links
Second Hand & Used Equipment: - From time to time we stock good used or refurbished equipment. Check it out:
Tune-Up Stations, Gas Analysers, Diesel Smoke Meters, Code Readers & Data Scanners, Tyre Balancers, Wheel Alignment Stations, Tyre Changers, Vehicle Information, Other Equipment

Truck, Trailer, Buss, Light commercials, Agricultural vehicles and HGV - Code Readers and Data Scanners -  Auto-Com, CS638  

Vehicle-Repair Germiston

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