Engine Ignition Systems

The Electronic Ignition devices in modern vehicles have become increasingly difficult to diagnose due to smaller sizes, new technologies and generally the way they are concealed under layers of plastic or aluminum covers. Add to that other devices stack on top of them and no one can blame you for wanting to run away and drop the whole ordeal. Fortunately however, nothing radically new has been invented as yet, so all "new" ignition systems in fact use the good old principles of electricity and law of Ohm. Here you'll find pictures, waveforms, theory of operation and ways of testing them. Be aware that some of the pages can be very long and slow to download.


Principles & Tests: Systems:  
Overview Points & Condenser Ignition  
Coil Primary Conventional Electronic Ignition  
Coil Secondary Ignition Modules  
Coil Energy Double Ended Coils ( Wasted Spark )  
Spark Firing KV Coil On Plug ( Direct Ignition )  
Spark Burn Duration Dual Distributors  
Spark Burn Voltage Twin Spark  

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