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Brief explanation: This website map is divided in to two parts:

  1. The Top section is the Workshop Equipment section. Relevant automotive diagnostic equipment is catalogued by Manufacturer from Top to Bottom. Manufacturers are sorted from Left to Right. i.e. Clicking on "Crypton Equipment" will get you to the page/s with brief explanation about the company that manufactures this equipment. The links below that manufacturer will get you to the page/s with the specific equipment models manufactured by Crypton. i.e. "Crypton Gas Analysers"

  2. The Second Section is the Things To Know - Technical Help Section. This one works from Left to Right (and Top to Bottom, where the section is extended). Follow the color coding for easier navigation. i.e. everything in subsection "Ignition" has orange color for background.

      Automotive Workshop Equipment Section 
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Things to Know Tech Help : Things to Know Section
Electrical Basics Batteries          
EOBD & OBD2  OBDII-History OBDII-Explained  More OBDII OBD limits CAN Protocol Code reader FAQ's
EOBD & OBDII continued...► P-Generic OBDII Engine Codes B-Generic OBD-II Body Codes C-Generic OBD-II Chassis Codes U-Generic OBD-II Network Codes    
Emissions   ▼    ► Exhaust Emissions Lean mixture Rich mixture Engine faults Using Lambda Gas Quiz
Emissions continued... CO HC O2 CO2 NOx Air Fuel Ratio
Emissions continued... Diesel Exhaust Smoke SOx and PM Catalytic Converters      
Ignition     ▼     ► Ignition Overview Spark Burn Time Burn Voltage      
Ignition continued... Conventional Electronic Ignition Wasted Spark Ignition Direct Ignition Dual Distributor Twin Spark Ignition  
Sensors              ► Oxygen Sensors          
Fuel Injection   ► Injectors          
Actuators          ► Injectors Canister Purge Valve        
Oscilloscopes  Basic Scope Controls          
Wheel Alignment Wheel alignment simplified Wheel Alignment Basics        
Multimeters      ►            

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