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       1- Missing Pictures:

There is no harmful content or Pop-Up's in this web site, but some pictures have "links" attached, so you can open enlarged versions of  those pictures. If you can not see the "OCE Logo" in the top left corner, your browser can not show some of the pictures on this web site, because of your security settings!

Please change them to allow "adverts and banners". Some "fire-walls" like Zone-Alarm will stop you from viewing the pictures unless you allow "banners" under the "Privacy" section. Internet Explorer: Click on "Tools - Pop Up Blocker Settings" type www.crypton.co.za in the field and click "Add" to allow the web site to display those pictures correctly.

    1-1: The "Allow Blocked Content..." in Internet Explorer is a necessary step as to be able to view the expanding links in the new Tree Navigation Menu. Unfortunately this is a security feature of IE that can not be "switched off" permanently! Read IE help files for more info. This website does not have harmful content nor does it monitor or discloses your web activity.

        2- How to change your screen resolution:

For Windows, right click with the mouse, anywhere on your "Desktop" and from the menu that will appear choose "Properties". In the new window click "Settings" ( top right ), and then slide the slider ( at the bottom ) right or left to increase / decrease your screen resolution. If the slider can't be moved any more to the right, then you are at the top resolution your video card can provide.

        3- This web site uses frames. Frames are basically one window in another! We have used this approach for couple of reasons. First you don't have to reload the "main window" with the "main" links (at the top)  and the "sub" links (at the left) over and over again when opening new pages. This saves you "waiting" time especially if your connection isn't fast! You are also less likely to get "lost" in this quite large web site. This approach however limits the "viewing" window and then there is two scrolling bars at the right ( one for the main page and one for the sub page) as opposed to one only.

Watch out when you are scrolling down and up as you may have to move both bars in order to rich the end. A good alternative to that is to use the roller on your mouse ( if you have one) or the arrow buttons on your keyboard. (just click in the middle of the page and scroll up and down with the keys)

        3-1: NEW NAVIGATION: The above "handicap" has been hopefully improved with the New Website Navigation Menu as of January 2008. As you can see now the screen is divided in two so you don't have to watch which scroll bar you are moving at the right side, there is only one. However, if you move the left vertical scroll bar to the right too much, the right side of the page may appear distorted. Try increasing your screen resolution to be able to view more content at once!

If You don't see any Links below our Logo, please click on the yellow bar above our scrolling logo and then click "Allow Blocked Content..." - "Yes", to allow the new Web Navigation Menu to appear. This applies to Internet Explorer users. For Safari / Conquer users the menu may not work properly due to Safari's problems with frames. Check for an updated Safari version.

How to use the Web Tree Menu:

Click on a "+" sign to expand the file tree.
Click on an Folder Arrow or Document or Link Name to Open the required page.
Clicking on a Arrow also expands the file tree down.
Click on a "-" sign to collapse the tree.

Note: You can move (drag) the vertical divider line to the right if the links are not fully visible! To do that, hover your mouse cursor over the Vertical Bar and when the cursor changes to "<-->" (horizontal arrows) left click and hold then drag the mouse to the right or left.

There is no danger to your computer when viewing this website and we do not disclose your activity! If you still have concerns read our Privacy Policy.

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