First of all what does OBD stands for : On Board Diagnostics. OBDII ( OBD2 ) is the new directive in US pollution standards, and EOBD stands for European On Board Diagnostics. The same thing but changed according to the European standards. In essence, this is related to the capabilities of the Engine Control Module (ECM) to conduct diagnostics on itself and related engine management sensors and actuators, continuously when the engine is running and some times even when not. So, your car thinks even when in the garage at night! When it does this, the ECU collects data from those sensors and actuators and if it find anything out of the preprogrammed parameters it stores it as a related fault code. This is what your 'fault code reader' reads when you connect it to the diagnostic plug. When the engine is running depending on the capabilities of the ECU and the Code Reader, one may connect directly to and view live data readings from the sensors and even operate manually some actuators. Those Code Readers we usually call Data Scanners. With engine design increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated ( and difficult to work on ) those tools are not a luxury any more. They are bare necessity as timing lights. Not to mention, that on most modern cars, one simply can't reset the MIL without a code reader or data scanner. Word of caution when sourcing one, buy for the future not the past! No one will do well all cars!!!

Also before you go ahead and blame your Code Reader for not connecting to the vehicle - read the materials below!!! If you too lazy to do that, then at least make sure that the Ignition Switch is ON, Diagnostic Plug/Socket/Wiring is not damaged, and you are following the connection procedure properly. If this doesn't help then you'll have to read this.


OBDI & II history OBDII & EOBD limits OBD I & II explained OBDII codes explained The new CAN Protocol
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OBD-II Generic Codes P-Generic Engine Codes B-Generic Body Codes C-Generic Chassis Codes U-Generic Network Codes

Data Scanner Help

Code Reader FAQ's

Why is not "reading" my car?

Glossary of Abbreviations

Scan Tool Help (www-link)


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