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Omitec - Multitask Workshop Diagnostics

OmiTechCenter is the most comprehensive in the market, fully integrated diagnostics workstation. Available in a number of options the product can be expanded to take any combination of Omitec's OmiScan, OmiScope, OmiGas and OmiSmoke standard products. The PC has factory loaded software and CAPS as standard.
The OmiTechcenter is the very latest from Omitec in integrated modular diagnostic tools. Utilising a conventional PC platform with factory installed operating software, OmiTechcenter is the ultimate tool for the professional automotive diagnostics technician. Designed in modular format the basic OmiTechcenter is expandable to allow the integration of a complete range of diagnostic tools and software for the test, measurement and diagnosis of electrical components and engine systems.
Main Features:
  • Purpose designed, robust trolley stores all equipment and is widely expandable.
  • PC with TFT flat-screen colour monitor, 40Gb hard drive, CD drive, keyboard, mouse and A4 printer. All software is factory preinstalled and tested.
  • The "home" screens allow rapid navigation to the required test routines.
  • CAPS software (Computer Aided Problem Solving) is a widely used technical workshop troubleshooting manual designed specifically for the professional automotive diagnostic technician.
  • OmiScan is the Code Reader & Data Scan tool of choice that directly links through OmiTechcenter to CAPS when in the docking station.
  • The on-board docking station allows OmiScan to be used as part of the overall workstation or remotely when data is collected and downloaded later.
  • OmiScope is a hand-held or PC based 4 Channel Digital Lab Scope and Engine Analyser with up to 8 waveforms displayed simultaneously.
  • OmiGas is a compact, future-proof Petrol Emissions Gas Analyser. Latest high reliability design reduces downtime by featuring 'Fast Warm Up' and easy maintenance.
  • OmiSmoke is a next generation Diesel Smoke Emissions tester meeting Category A and B requirements. Built in smart battery management and FAS test saves time and money.
  • Every OmiTechcenter is supplied with a 3 year warranty, a one day off-site training course and all software updates during the first twelve months.

Omitec - Multitask Automotive Workshop Diagnostic Test Stations

Configuration Options:

Due to the modular design of OmiTechcenter, it is available in many different configurations to suit any individual requirements. You choose what do you need and we'll include it for you. All modules can be added on later, if and when needed.

Add On Options:  
Simple, accurate and fast Universal Magnetic RPM pick up used to
measure engine speed on both petrol and diesel engines.

Multitask Automotive Workshop Diagnostic Test Stations - accesories

Remote Wireless Control
Remote wireless control unit to allow operation of theOmiEmissioncenter from inside the vehicle.

Multitask Automotive Workshop Diagnostic Test Stations - accesories - remote

Bluetooth Mouse
Allows the operator to move away from the main unit and still control the PC.

Multitask Automotive Workshop Diagnostic Test Stations - accesories - mouse

Universal Trolley Dust Cover
Protective breathable cover to keep trolley based products free from dirt and dust.

Multitask Automotive Workshop Diagnostic Test Stations - accesories - cover

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